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The War In Alabama

Shockley's Escort Company:
Cadets from the
University of Alabama

After Northern Alabama was occupied by the Union, Tuscaloosa and the University of Alabama were increasingly in fear of Union raids. In 1864, there were 296 students at the University and they formed the "Corp of Cadets." While attempts were made to keep to the usual academic courses then taught, the University was also a military camp of instruction.

Branscom T. Shockley and Henry McKenzie Burt were ninteen-year-old students at the University of Alabama in March 1864. They secretly worked together to enroll enough Cadets from the University to form a Cavalry company for the Confederate Army -- with the understanding that the volunteers would remain students until the term ended in July 1864. It was important that Shockley and Burt keep there plans from the faculty as they would have viewed it as insubordination.

Over one hundred students joined Shockley and Burt forming Schockley's Independent Escort. These cadets served under Brig. Gen. Daniel W. Adams until they were surrendered with Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest on May 10, 1865, at Gainseville, Alabama. The following is a list of the company's members that was compiled from several sources. University of Alabama Cadet's names are in bold type.

Years later, Shockley's brave cadets were remembered with a plaque at the University of Alabama noting the patriotic devotion of Capt. Branscom T. Shockley and his comrades who formed the Cavalry escort that faithfully served with Brig. Gen. Dan Adams until they were paroled at Gainesville, Alabama, on May 10, 1865.

This information is from History of Shockley's Alabama Escort Company, Hoole, William Stanley, ed. University, Ala.: Confederate Publishing, c1983.


Shockley, Branscom T.Capt. b. Oct. 1844, d. 1876
Burt, Henry McKenzie1st Lt. b. Sept. 2, 1844; captured at Selma and paroled on the road from Montgomery to Selma
Miller, John Haywood2nd Lt. b. Jan. 30, 1943, wounded, captured, and escaped Selma, April 1865
Watkins, John P.3rd Lt. b. Mar. 15, 1846, d. July 11, 1897
Webb, William Thomas1st Sgt. b. Oct. 24, 1843, d. Aug. 5, 1878
Driskell, Thomas J. 2nd Sgt., b. Jan. 3, 1845, d. 1901. Pvt. in Co. F, 3rd Ala. Reg.
Cowin, Thomas Edwin3rd Sgt.; Name also spelled Cowen
Scott, D. M. C.4th Sgt. b. Aug. 2, 1844, d. 1870
Patton, Robert WeakleyComm. Sgt., b. Mar. 8, 1844. Killed in Battle of Selma, April 2-3, 1865


Allen, Joseph M. Enlisted age 16
Archer, Charles S. Enlisted age 16
Barker, Charles L. Enlisted age 16, surrendered at Demopolis, paroled at Selma
Bean, James Enlisted age 18
Bender, Daniel Juston b. Mar. 26, 1846, d. Jan. 24, 1893
Billbry, George M.
Brayer, A. B. Name also Brazier; enlisted age 16
Calloway, Darby M. Surrendered and paroled at Greensboro.
Carson, Shelby Chadwick b. Jan. 26, 1846
Chadwick, E. S.
Clopton, William H. Wounded at Selma, paroled Gainesville, May 10, 1865
Collins, J. W. Captured at Selma; paroled between Selma and Montgomery
Connor, Junis K. Captured at Selma; paroled Montgomery, April 1865
Crum, Augustus Willis b. April 16, 1846, d. May 31, 1880
Cruso, Chales W. b. Mar. 17, 1847
Elgin, Richard P.
Frazer, Nathan Hix b. Oct. 20, 1845
Galloway, A. G.
Garner, Clement Cortez b. Oct. 10, 1847
Gilmer, Morgan Smith b. Nov. 30, 1847; wounded during Battle of La Fayette, Geo. June 24, 1864
Hale, C. H. b. July 26, 1847
Harris, Bayless E.
Harrison, James T. Paroled Columbus, Miss, May 1865; later Lt. Gov. of Mississippi
Jones, William Clarence Later Senator from Wilcox Co., Ala.
Lewis, William T. Remained with Brig. Gen. Adams until end of War; paroled Gainesville, May 1865
McGraw, Waters
McLemore, Moses Joseph b. Nov. 12, 1846, d. 1885 or 1886 in Greenville, Ala.
Mobley, John W. b. sept. 21, 1846; believed killed in Battle of Selma on April 2, 1865
Moore, William W. Wounded Battle of Selma, April 2, 1865
Perkins, J. Hampden Enlisted age 16; captured Selma; paroled Montgomery & Columbus, Miss.
Pittman, James F.
Pitts, Philip Henry b. Jan. 27, 1849; Pvt. 9th Ala.
Rivers, Williams Jones Enlisted age 16 at Montgomery; wounded Battle of Selma; drowned in Fla. in 1883
Robertson, William J. Enlisted Montgomery April 1864, age 17; paroled Montgomery
Roquemore, John DuPree b. Aug. 27, 1847, d. MAr. 12, 1900.
Rosser, Henry Enlisted Montgomery April 1864, age 17
Sawyer, Thomas
Stoddard, J. Thomas b. May 21, 1847; enlisted Tuscaloosa, age 16
Stokes, Henry Enlisted Montgomery April 1864, age 17
Stroud, Alonzo Bibb Enlisted Talladega, Fall 1864, age 17
Syring, Frank P. Enlisted Montgomery April 1, 1864, age 17; paroled Gainesville, May 1865
Watt, James H.
Weathers, William Name also Withers
Webb, Lucius de Yampert b. June 18, 1846; enlisted Tuscaloosa Mar. 1, 1864, age 18; wounded near Opelika
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